What is RDAtrademark

RNA Disruption Assay (RDA™) is a cancer diagnostic platform measuring tumor response early in chemotherapy. If chemotherapy is likely to provide the patient with a benefit, the physician and patient can continue chemotherapy with confidence. If chemotherapy is not likely to benefit the patient, physicians may consider alternate therapies. For patients, this means avoiding harmful side effects and an opportunity for improved survival.
RDA™ will provide physicians with
an evaluation of how patients are responding
to chemotherapy.

How does RDAtrademark work?

A needle biopsy is taken during chemotherapy treatment to determine the degree of ribosomal RNA disruption. The disruption of rRNA is a biomarker of impending cell death.  If the chemotherapy is working the rRNA will be highly disrupted. If the chemotherapy is not working the rRNA will be intact.
RDA™ will offer significant benefits for patients, physicians and healthcare systems.

  • Patients avoid harmful side effects and can be considered for alternate treatments that may improve their survival.
  • Physicians have an objective tool to personalize treatment for each patient.
  • Healthcare payers avoid the substantial costs of a treatment that isn’t working.

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