Rna Diagnostics is a molecular diagnostics company founded in March 2010. We provide oncologists with diagnostic tools to improve the lives of women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Our product, RNA Disruption Assay™ (RDA™), determines whether a woman receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer is responding to her treatment. If her oncologist discovers early in the treatment that the chemotherapy is not working effectively, she can be switched quickly to other therapies thereby avoiding harmful side effects of chemotherapy while improving her chances of survival.

RDA™ is based on discoveries made during a clinical trial sponsored by the National Cancer Institute of Canada (MA.22).

Rna Diagnostics has collaborations ongoing with university researchers, research clinicians and hospitals in North America and Europe.

Clinical trials are in progress at multiple clinical research centres. Rna Diagnostics plans to provide RDA as a commercial diagnostic test service to cancer clinics in 2013.