Developing diagnostic tools for better, faster management of breast cancer therapy

Rna Diagnostics has developed a molecular diagnostic technology that radically improves cancer chemotherapy management.

Half of all breast cancer patients receive chemotherapy. Yet, less than 25% of patients receive a long-term survival benefit from chemotherapy treatment. All patients endure the harmful side effects of chemotherapy.

One of the most serious problems in cancer treatment is the identification of patients who do not respond to chemotherapy early in treatment so that harmful effects can be avoided and alternate therapies can be considered.

Our product, RNA Disruption Assay™ (RDA™), enables clinicians to identify patients who are not responding to chemotherapy early during treatment. Patients who are not responding can be switched quickly to alternate therapies thereby avoiding unnecessary toxic side effects and improving their survival chances.

• Improves the lives of women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.
• Helps oncologists to better guide chemotherapy regimens.
• Reduces healthcare costs.